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We invite you to come discover why we are the leading destination for hair transplant and luxury cosmetic care in Chitwan.

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Hair transplantation without shaving

The hair transplantation without shaving method preferred by men and women with long hair is performed with Sapphire Fue technique, but what makes this technique different is that only a very small area is shaved on the neck, which is the donor area. With this method, our guests can perform hair transplantation operation without compromising their business and social life. When we look at the old methods, we can see that the operation regions must be completely shaved and this was necessary for the successful operation. Unfortunately, it is hard to be included in society and adapt to social life with a half-shaven head. You cannot run away from the gazes and this could be a problem even if it is for a short time. Also, you can experience psychological problems. In a no-shave hair transplant, this situation is eliminated and you can go back to your normal life. You don’t have to walk around with a half-shaven head and if your body type is suitable for this treatment, you can choose this option. Your surgeon will make a healthy and correct decision based on your test results. The most suitable method for you will be selected easy and the process will be started fast based on your test results. Organic hair transplant which is recently developed and achieved a high success rate in a short time will provide benefits to both patients and surgeons. Let’s see the advantages of this method without losing time. This is a special treatment method that can use the implant area more efficiently and practically. When compared with other methods, you can see that this detail is one step ahead. The hair transplant procedure is faster and more successful than other methods. Unfortunately, the number of surgeons who know this method isn’t high. But the surgeons will develop themselves in this field and this method will become more popular.